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My abstracts are layer after layer of colors, shapes and directions, rich is texture and body. Hopefully, one will want to touch the painting and gaze long as they see plain and hidden images before their eyes. No two paintings are duplicated as the flow, the pour, and the subject determine their own unique identity. Always ORIGINAL!

Art objects are all around us, I pick them up and let them express new life in paintings. Snake skins, fish skulls and exteriors, shells, stems of plants, petals of flowers, seeds, stones, frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, and random string are but a few of the natural elements that find residence in my mixed media paintings.

My "ETC." paintings are all acrylic on canvas, but I added much texture to give the paintings 3-D features of birds, state images, symbols and even branches, water and reeds.  As you view these paintings, your perspective of the painting will change with each new angle and with each new source of light. I believe these paintings will enhance your home or office for years to come.

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