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Every face I paint is a challenge and unique problem for me as I endeavor to birth this objet d’art on a quiet, blank canvas. My favorite portraits are situational or interpretations of chronicled events.

From one portrait to the next, my journey is an ever-evolving process; every painting is another learning, building experience. I feel a constant hunger for a deeper quality of awareness in order to express brush and paint. The present and past Masters are eye-mind food. This is evident in my work. 

Paintings burst forth from both logic and intuition. Consider them both. Landscapes emerge from the green earth, global travel, and events. Objects, still life, animals, invisible spirits have personal connections that are stored in the vaults of our mind. So as these images come forth, they beg to be painted and remembered. We gather our photos and resources and I interpret these in paint for myself and others.

Art beholds beauty and life's meanings. It entails more than visual representations. Art is meant to explore the inner self, bring forth emotions, give us reasons to stop, ponder, remember, and inspires us to look forward and upward.

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